Yieldbird delivers over 30% revenue growth for clients with in-article and in-feed video
Success Story

Yieldbird delivers over 30% revenue growth for clients with in-article and in-feed video


Serving clients in more than 30 countries across Asia, Europe and Latin America, Yieldbird, part of Agora SA, specializes in advertising management and ad inventory optimization. The global company helps both independent and corporate publishers to use programmatic strategies to maximize revenue.

The challenge

Although video advertising tends to drive higher eCPMs than display, many publishers lack video content. With the aim of improving publishers’ monetization effectiveness, the Yieldbird team was looking for new digital tools to help their clients overcome their obstacles and increase revenue.

The approach

Yieldbird took the decision to test in-article and in-feed video ads through Google Ad Manager 360. The implementation simply required Yieldbird to modify ad tags to include these formats. By offering in-article and in-feed slots, Yieldbird’s publishing clients could effectively allow video ads to compete with their display inventory.

The in-article and in-feed format helped us improve publishers’ programmatic performance as much as 50% and allowed us to transmit video ads without the content or player on publisher side.

Piotr Niedziela, Head of Yield Optimization, Yieldbird

In-article and in-feed video ads appear outside of a video player, so these formats aren’t reliant on pre-existing video content on the publisher’s site and require no developer changes on the publisher side. They are displayed in existing ad units within the content of a site or app using only the advertiser’s video asset. No additional styling or ad components are needed.

The results

In-article and in-feed formats delivered eCPMs that were up to 10 times higher than display-only creatives. At the same time, allowing these videos ads to appear in existing ad units and to compete with display demand resulted in more than 50% higher eCPMs for display ads. In turn, publishers saw more than 30% growth in revenue.

Market impact

Yieldbird affirms that, with very low workload requirements, the solution has helped improve their publishing clients’ overall programmatic revenue – and satisfaction. It’s solved the problem of the lack of video content among publishers, which previously limited the potential for video advertising on their sites and apps. Looking ahead, the team is scaling in-article and in-feed formats across the entire Yieldbird network and will continue to test the effectiveness of out-stream video ads in driving revenue gains for publishers.

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