Summit Media delivers 7X ROI for airline advertiser
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Summit Media delivers 7X ROI for airline advertiser


Summit Media — the Philippines’ leading digital lifestyle publisher network, with titles including Cosmopolitan, Esquire, and Smart Parenting — attracts millions of online visitors daily. While having such a huge audience, Summit Media also wanted to ensure its digital ads were relevant to readers on different verticals while still driving value for its advertisers.

Summit Media’s network of publications offers different brands a platform to reach their audiences. For example, Cosmopolitan attracts brands that want to engage an active female readership, while Esquire appeals to companies that want to reach males on mobile. However, the publisher hit a speed bump when it was approached by advertisers that wanted to engage a growing travel readership. The problem? Summit Media had no dedicated travel magazines in its publisher network.

With help from the Google Analytics 360 team, Summit Media realized it could use existing evergreen travel content from its network of websites — already frequented by travel enthusiasts on a daily basis — to deliver a more personalized ad experience.

Surfacing niche audiences from premium content

To test the new strategy, Summit Media collaborated with Kasatria, a Google Marketing Platform Partner, and local airline Cebu Pacific Air. Their goal was to use insights about travel enthusiasts to tailor ads for Cebu Pacific Air’s priority destinations and then personalize the ads served to those readers on relevant sites across Summit Media’s network of publications.

Analytics 360 gave Summit Media a holistic view of its readers across its entire publisher network, allowing the company to better understand their unique interests. By linking Analytics 360 with Google Ad Manager, it was able to reach those audiences with high intent to travel to those priority destinations on ad inventory across their network.

<p>Summit Media’s tailored ads for Cebu Pacific Air guided readers directly to flight searches from relevant publications.</p>

Summit Media’s tailored ads for Cebu Pacific Air guided readers directly to flight searches from relevant publications.

First, Summit Media configured its Analytics 360 account which enabled them to do more granular segmentation of its audiences to surface the readers of their travel content across their publisher network.

Then, using the Analytics 360 and Ad Manager integration, the publisher was able to deliver personalized ads to travel audiences showing relevant destination or activity information and the price for the Cebu Pacific Air flight, while they were browsing. For example, guests considering travel with their families to Japan who are researching child-friendly activities to do on a weekend in Tokyo, would see a personalized ad featuring destinations in Japan with family-themed itineraries.

With a full understanding of the customer journey — from the first impression to the final conversion — Summit Media could ensure Cebu Pacific Air’s tailored offers were reaching the right readers in key moments.

Experimentation and personalization pay off

Cebu Pacific Air saw an impressive sales boost from tailoring ads for travel audiences reading content on the Summit Media websites. By creating audience segments with Analytics 360 to personalize Cebu Pacific Air’s ads in real-time through Ad Manager, the publisher achieved a lift in click-through-rates of over 900 percent.

More importantly, with a holistic measurement setup, Summit Media was able to attribute Cebu Pacific Air’s conversions and seat sales to their insight-driven display strategy for the airline. With the help of precision audiences from Analytics 360, Summit Media’s campaign resulted in a massive uplift of more than 700 percent average return on ad spend for the airline.

“By taking the time to understand what our readers are interested in, our network is better positioned to orchestrate the results that our advertisers care about. Not only were we able to drive awareness, but we also helped grow sales and revenue for our partner brands,” concluded Amina Rillo, Chief Digital Officer at Summit Media.

After results like these, it’s no surprise that Summit Media considers integrating Ad Manager and Analytics 360 crucial to unlocking greater value for its advertisers and delivering more personalized and relevant experiences for its readers.

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