Subito launches a new web interstitial format to drive revenue with Google Ad Manager
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Subito launches a new web interstitial format to drive revenue with Google Ad Manager

Subito, a member of the Adevinta group, is a leading classified website and one of the top ten most visited websites overall in Italy. In September 2021, Subito integrated payment and shipment services on its platform, which has led to more successful transactions and increased user engagement. As a company that considers user experience and ‘wellness’ as their first priority and key to the long-term development of their online community, the potential impact of any advertising and monetisation innovation or diversification is always carefully considered and at the center of Subito’s decision making.

With 87% of traffic from mobile devices, Subito wanted to adopt a new format that would result in increased revenue without adversely affecting the experience of users visiting the site.

A focus on user experience and openness to innovation

With substantial traffic, in-house technical expertise, focus on user experience, and openness to innovation, Subito was the ideal publisher and partner, in collaboration with Google, to lead the adoption of the web interstitial format in Italy. After a few days of easy set up, the Subito team were able to stage the web interstitial format and launch it progressively to their mobile audience.

After A/B testing, strict and efficient algorithm use, and monitoring user feedback, it was soon concluded that the format was achieving monetisation uplift without any adverse effect on the experience of users. This gave confidence to progressively widen the audience being served the format and to offer it across demand channels, including open auction, deals and direct advertisers.

“The launch of Web Interstitial offered publishers a new and effective way to generate revenue in a non-intrusive format. With this fast implementation, Subito has shown its strong focus and commitment to innovative advertising and a concern for user experience. We are pleased to have worked with Subito to achieve their goals during this campaign.”

Maurizio Lettieri, Head of Large Partners Solutions, Google

Revenue diversification and continued user wellness

By balancing innovation with user experience, Subito was able to increase its overall revenues (vs. traffic) through the use of this new and adaptive ad format across every demand channel. Following an easy setup and testing period, performance gains were noticeable from the outset and mobile site revenues have since increased by more than 16% and an average increase of 10% open auction CPM.

“The adoption of this new format is another important and innovative step for Subito: a great revenue diversification source, and fully compatible with what we call ‘user wellness’, which is and always will be our number one priority.”

Andrea Volonte, Director of Sales, Subito

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