Quarter Media activates Fupa.net first-party data with Google Ad Manager PPID for programmatic
Success Story

Quarter Media activates Fupa.net first-party data with Google Ad Manager PPID for programmatic

As consumers’ expectations for privacy continue to change and third-party identifiers are phased out, publishers increasingly need to rely on first-party data for ads personalization.

Fupa.net, one of the largest and most influential amateur football publishers in Germany, draws large audiences with their Web Apps and renders the mobile website into an app framework.

Commenting on the challenges stemming from the phase out of third-party cookies, Hannes Modes, Chief Technology Officer at Quarter Media GmbH, says “With the already ongoing deprecation of third-party cookies it’s necessary to have privacy-focused alternatives. PPID for programmatic helps us reactivate lost demand in cookieless environments and directly impacts revenues in a positive way.”

Scaling first-party data in a privacy safe way

Quarter Media, a channel partner that monetises inventory from Fupa.net and aims to become the largest digital sports inventory provider in the DACH region, needed a solution to regain the addressability of inApp users within its web apps and decided to use Google Ad Manager Publisher Provided Identifiers (PPID) for programmatic. This feature enables partners to share pseudonymized first-party identifiers that are created and controlled by publishers with Google’s programmatic demand.

Increasing competition and yield

Within the first days of PPID usage, Quarter Media saw positive results. It allowed them to expand the use of their first-party identifiers to more transaction types, like the Open Auction, which increased demand for the inventory. As a result, Quarter Media saw higher CPMs within the web apps (+27% average programmatic eCPM) and on browsers without third-party cookies available. (+42% Avg. programmatic eCPM, and an increase in overall yield).

Highlighting the success of the collaboration and campaign, Michael Wagner, Chief Executive Office at FuPa GmbH, said “For a long time we were looking for a straightforward solution to deliver relevant ads to our users cross-device and cross platform. Thanks to PPID that’s now possible”

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