Proto Thema uses Google Ad Manager’s Audience Solutions to deliver relevant ads while respecting user choice
Success Story

Proto Thema uses Google Ad Manager’s Audience Solutions to deliver relevant ads while respecting user choice

Proto Thema, Greece’s number one news site and the best-selling Sunday newspaper, wanted to identify audience segments within its reader population. The goal was to improve the performance of direct deals by increasing the relevancy of ads for different audience segments.

Segmenting audiences with Ad Manager

Using Google Ad Manager Audiences Solutions and its own first-party data, Proto Thema effectively segmented its audiences and made impressions available to advertisers that want to deliver relevant ads to those segments, while respecting consumers' choices. Proto Thema therefore differentiated its ad offerings and achieved better ad experiences for users and more relevant ad buys for advertisers.

Proto Thema and Google spent 30 days identifying which audiences were meaningful and had a good performance and a further 30 days to fully populate and enrich them. Google and Proto Thema continue to create new audiences for individual campaigns when Proto Thema needs to reach specific audiences.

“With the cookieless world right around the corner, we strive to provide a privacy safe environment, while providing the same level of service and performance to our direct clients, Google Ad Manager Audience Solutions will be our main tool to achieve our goals.”

Yannis Bistogiannakis, Head of Advertising Operations, Proto Thema

Data-informed strategies deliver better results

Better use of tailored audience segments resulted in a 115% increase in CTR for direct campaigns and a 54% increase in eCPMs for Open Auction. Using a data-informed strategy with audience targeting also helped Proto Thema win more direct deals and improve efficiency in planning, managing, and billing for such campaigns.

“We have been searching and experimenting for years to find a product to assist us with the need to serve personalised ads to specific audiences within our properties, and now it is possible with the help of Google Audiences.”

Nikos Iliopoulos, Chief Business & Digital Transformation Officer, Proto Thema

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