The Globe and Mail boosts revenue with Programmatic Guaranteed
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The Globe and Mail boosts revenue with Programmatic Guaranteed


The Globe and Mail is one of Canada’s foremost news media companies, leading the national discussion and causing policy change through brave and independent journalism since 1844. Their innovative approach to data science and design has made The Globe’s product experience as powerful as their award-winning journalism.

A healthy advertising program is foundational to The Globe’s ongoing success. To grow its revenue, deliver more for advertisers and increase efficiency, the Globe made a strategic decision to shift the majority of their programmatic business to direct deals and embrace Programmatic Guaranteed.

Going all in on Programmatic Guaranteed

The Globe’s executive team made a strategic decision to heavily lean into direct deals with its premium advertisers. Already using Google Ad Manager for its traditional campaigns, the Globe chose to use Programmatic Guaranteed deals as the primary feature behind its new strategy.

We are selective about the technology we connect to within our platform, Ad Manager helps us deliver ad solutions without adding operational complexity.

Andrew Saunders, Chief Revenue Officer, The Globe and Mail

The Globe also made internal investments to maximize the impact of adopting Programmatic Guaranteed deals. The company’s sales and operations teams have been specially equipped to manage programmatic buys and continually improve its products, rolling out new workflows to better manage client interest and sales. The sales team is also continually educated to understand the applications and benefits of Programmatic Guaranteed.

Programmatic strategy pays off for The Globe and its advertising partners

Year-over-year, The Globe experienced 164 percent growth in programmatic revenue in 2018. In the same year, 75 percent of The Globe’s programmatic traffic was transacted via Ad Manager’s Programmatic Guaranteed deals, leading to significant benefits for its advertising partners. Clients of the media company are able to guarantee buys as part their larger digital strategies and reduce the risk of not securing the inventory they need in an auction-based environment.

Advertisers also benefit from quicker turnaround times, full control over creative assets and access to real-time reporting. Programmatic Guaranteed deals provide The Globe’s advertisers with transparency — there’s no guesswork about what’s running in each booking. Creative, tagging and direction on campaigns are simple and straightforward.

By using Programmatic Guaranteed deals, we’re able to provide convenient access to our inventory based on our advertiser’s preferred method of buying. Programmatic Guaranteed enables us to deliver smarter, more effective campaigns in real-time.

Andrew Saunders, Chief Revenue Officer, The Globe and Mail

Programmatic Guaranteed delivers efficiency

The Globe’s successful implementation of programmatic deals has also generated meaningful results for its own business. Programmatic Guaranteed makes transactional buys fast, efficient and cost effective. The team can set up the shell of the campaign in essentially one day — then, the buyer does the rest. Now, The Globe can run the same standard campaigns with fewer people, freeing up time for staff to focus on complex campaigns that require hands-on expertise. Team members are empowered to spend more time creating, selling, evaluating and optimizing campaigns to drive the best possible results.

At The Globe, connecting with Canadians through quality journalism is vital to the company’s growth and to the success of its advertising clients. Programmatic Guaranteed deals have become an essential tool to drive a more efficient business and build the strongest possible relationships with The Globe’s valued advertisers. Looking ahead, The Globe plans to continue strengthening its advertising program with Programmatic Guaranteed deals and deepening its collaborative relationship with Google.

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