Jobrapido increases yearly display revenue by 24% with Google Web Interstitial
Success Story

Jobrapido increases yearly display revenue by 24% with Google Web Interstitial

From its headquarters in Milan, Jobrapido conducts business in 58 countries, lists 35 million jobs every month, records 55+ million monthly visits and has 100+ million registered users. As an avant-garde company, Jobrapido analyzes and aggregates jobs on the web leveraging the potential of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Taxonomy to create innovative solutions - making it one of the world’s biggest job search engines.

Display revenue growth with users in mind

Jobrapido wanted to test new ways to diversify its programmatic revenue and further monetize its platforms, including both mobile and desktop. The challenge was to improve the monetization capabilities without negatively affecting the user experience and the way users interact with job postings on Jobrapido. They decided to implement web interstitial ads with Google Ad Manager and experiment with the number of ads they show.

Weighing up the benefits and the risks

Starting in July 2021, Jobrapido began testing and evaluating results. They carried out a series of A/B tests in selected countries to examine both the monetary impact of this new format and its potential impact on the clicks per visit. Furthermore, Jobrapido focused on analyzing the impact of introducing the interstitial format on the tagging and page speed metrics to make sure that the potential impact didn’t overshadow the potential benefit of adopting this new web format, both of which constitute a great indicator of the overall impact on the user experience.

Positive impact on yearly digital advertising revenue

“As a pioneering company, we are always looking for new solutions and technologies that can have a positive impact on user experience and performance. With the brand-new web interstitial format, we have improved our monetization capabilities without affecting the user behavior and job search results, which remain in our primary focus – how users find and interact with the job ads.”

Rob Brouwer, CEO, Jobrapido

After web interstitials were implemented on both desktop and mobile and was added to their current advertising mix, Jobrapido successfully generated an annual increase of 24% in digital advertising revenue. The publisher also registered 14x higher ad eCPM on web interstitial ads compared to standard desktop banner ads, and 4x higher ad eCPM compared to standard mobile banner ads.

Furthermore, Jobrapido found no negative impact on tagging and page speed metrics following the introduction of this format, which helped confirm that the user behavior, the navigation, and interaction journey with the job ads were scarcely affected by the implementation of the web interstitial format.

Following these results, the interstitial format has been extended to the multiple countries where Jobrapido operates.

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