Incubeta events help publishers get more from Google Ad Manager [updated]
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Incubeta events help publishers get more from Google Ad Manager [updated]

Incubeta, an international team of marketing, technology, data and creative experts, helps businesses capitalize on the opportunities the digital landscape provides. Their team has deep experience with buy and sell-side advertising technologies (such as Google Analytics 4, Google Ad Manager, Display and Video 360, and Looker Studio) and a track-record of helping publishers unlock new growth opportunities across retail media, first-party data and ad tech implementation. With this knowledge the Incubeta team organized the ‘Google Ad Manager Essential Series’ - a two day, hybrid event dedicated to teaching publishers how to utilize all the features on Google Ad Manager.

The hybrid and interactive Incubeta events are split into two sessions. The first, covers the basics of the Google Ad Manager platform, including an overview of capabilities, the ad serving process, inventory, ad unit management, deal types & benefits, and basic set up of campaigns & reporting to track performance. The second session provides more advanced training and covers deals configuration and troubleshooting, managing ads with rules and protections, and forecasting inventory with Google Ad Manager among other topics.

Given the success of the initial series, Incubeta and Google replicated the format to cater for publishers across European, Middle Eastern and African markets, and delivered a hybrid event called “Unlocking Publisher’s Growth with Advanced Strategies,” to help publishers realise the full potential of Google Ad Manager. The event took place in the Google Lisbon office and was live streamed across these regions via Google Partner Hub.

The event covered topics such as privacy & first-party data (including Grupo Prisa’s PPID Case Study), Google Ad Manager integrations (GA and Looker Studio), Advanced Campaign Optimization, Deals set-up and troubleshooting, Automation: How to leverage APIs & GAM features, and an Incubeta Case Study (iCulture).

Gamification increases publishers’ understanding of Google Ad Manager

These events helps publishers learn about Ad Manager features with fun and engaging activities including the use of Jamboard (a digital whiteboard that lets you collaborate in real time), the use of Slido ( an easy-to-use Q&A and poling platform) and a final quiz with prizes included and many others that resulted in an interactive session.

Feedback from the attendees has been largely positive with 89% of respondents saying they had a better understanding of Google Ad Manager’s functionalities and best practices to activate business opportunities, including discovering new inventory monetization and yield optimization opportunities, and an overall satisfaction score of 4.5/5.

“As a Programmatic Sales Manager, understanding and going deeper in the technical part of Google Ad Manager allows us to make the sales process more agile due to solving technical questions when they arise. Learning concepts as ad units, key-values and interpreting troubleshooting information positively impacts service quality, the buyers' trust and inventory monetization opportunities. Knowing Google Ad Manager in such depth and in such a short time could not be possible without Incubeta's experienced and knowledgeable team. Thank you Google and Incubeta for such a great initiative.”

Javier Mata Amado, Programmatic Sales Manager, Alayans Media

“Good organization, great content and very good gamification of the content to incorporate the concepts.”

Miguel Leyún Carrera, Departamento de Márketing Diario Expansión, Unidad Editorial

“The session was very dynamic and useful to put into practice in the future. It was very active and agile”

Rocío Echaniz, Digital planning executive at, A3 Media

"The session was excellent and very informative."

Joanne Wilson, Campaign Manager, GumTree

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Lisbon Event

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