Hepsiburada partnered with Google to grow MSI's online sales via its retail media
Success Story

Hepsiburada partnered with Google to grow MSI's online sales via its retail media

More people are browsing and buying online than ever before, creating an influx of demand and data for retailers. This shift in consumer behavior has created a unique opportunity for retailers to deepen their relationships with brand partners, grow new revenue streams, and improve shopper experiences by developing a retail media business.

This is no different in Turkey, where Hepsiburada, a leading e-commerce and SuperApp (multi-services-app) platform, has invested in its retail media business to leverage and maximize the value of its first-party data to develop a new revenue stream and strengthen its relationship with its brand partners, including MSI, a world-leading gaming brand.

Driving traffic to brand partner products

The two organizations wanted to leverage their existing relationship and drive traffic to MSI’s products on Hepsiburada platforms’s website and app and increase its online sales while improving the efficiency of its media spend.

To achieve this, Hepsiburada offered MSI Programmatic Guaranteed as part of their retail media solution, which Hepsiburada served on their own Google Ad Manager and Display & Video 360 platforms.

By using Google Ad Manager as an Ad Server and a Supply Side Platform, Hepsiburada created on-site ad inventory and used Native Advanced which worked seamlessly on their app serving Programmatic Guaranteed deals. Using Google Display & Video 360 as a Demand Side Platform, Hepsiburada had full control and transparency of the campaign performance and first-party audience usage with advanced targeting capabilities.

To ensure real-time reporting and in-depth analysis of the whole campaign’s performance, Hepsiburada teamed up with Istanbul-based Loglo, which specializes in applying Google Marketing Platform's measurement, programmatic and data visualization capabilities.

“Creating a robust e-retailer platform needs robust marketing tools to unlock the power of data from personalisation to real-time reporting. With our team of experts at Loglo, we bought direct results for Hepsiburada. Hepsiburada partners benefit significantly from the cross-platform data and measurement technologies that are available with Google Ad Manager and Google Marketing Platforms.”

Gökberk Ertunç, Head of Data Analytics & Programmatic, Loglo

Enriching partnerships with customers

As a result of the partnership and campaign, which ran between August and November 2021, Hepsiburada further monetized its ad inventory while serving MSI’s campaigns and delivering smarter measurement for MSI. The campaign achieved 33x return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) and 66% sales uplift as a contribution to total sales.

“We were able to develop an end-to-end retail media business by using Google’s platforms, which has been a strategic move for Hepsiburada. By leveraging our first-party audience data and real-time reporting, we overachieved our targets and enhanced our partnership with our customers.”

Volkan Akyüz, Head of Trade Marketing & HepsiAd, Hepsiburada

Extending the campaign success to other brands

Following on from this success, Hepsiburada will work closely with its brands and aims to further increase their ROAS through its retail media business. Additionally, Hepsiburada will continue to maximize the value of its first-party data to help other brands and agencies offer more relevant digital advertising to its consumers, such as pricing discounts or free shipping.

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