Grupa RMF and inFakt use Programmatic Guaranteed Audio with Google Ad Manager to raise brand recognition
Success Story

Grupa RMF and inFakt use Programmatic Guaranteed Audio with Google Ad Manager to raise brand recognition

Following an extensive brand awareness campaign across online and offline channels, inFakt, an innovative financial services firm that supports sole traders and small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) with their accounting, tax, and company formation needs, wanted to move to their next phase in their marketing campaign.

inFakt wanted to reach entrepreneurs and business executives at the lower stages of the marketing funnel to highlight the potential benefit of their services at the beginning of the year when significant tax changes in Poland were being enacted.

Capitalizing on existing relationships and platforms

As inFakt’s experts often appear on, a music platform dedicated to different genres, decades and artists that is part of Grupo RMF, one of the largest radio groups in Poland with over 10 million daily listeners, it was the ideal platform to deliver their message and raise brand recognition. As a leader in both the online and offline audio advertising market, Grupo RMF offers a full range of standard and non-standard solutions, which could benefit inFakt.

To achieve its goals, inFakt partnered with RMF FM on a DV360 campaign using Google Ad Manager from January to February 2022. Using their experience of TV campaigns (combining direct purchase of advertising spots with programmatic buying on VOD platforms) to their advantage, inFakt incorporated Programmatic Guaranteed (PG) Audio into their campaign mix.

Audience segmentation and demographic targeting was defined using data from RMF’s data management platform. Broadcasts then took place on in the form of 30-second audio pre-rolls preceding the online radio stream. To determine the success of the campaign, metrics such as reach, conversion and ‘Listen Through Rate’ (LTR) were monitored.

Delivering a target message to key audiences

Programmatic Guaranteed Audio enabled inFakt to deliver a targeted message to its audience and outperformed their other online audio campaigns by 30% and increased the overall reach of their target audience through a channel that isn’t as susceptible to advertising blocking.

Commenting on Grupo RMF’s offline and online advertising offerings, Piotr Nawrocki, Chief Marketing Officer at InFakt, said “The synergy of offline and online activities at RMF FM allowed us to increase our target reach. Looking at the results of the campaign, we’re sure that without this mix we wouldn’t be able to build such brand awareness in this target group, and at the same time gaining users interested in our services.”

Post-view conversions attributed to this campaign also exceeded results from display campaigns running at the same time by 155%, illustrated by the number of visits to the landing page with a registration form.

“The example of the campaign conducted with InFakt confirms the fact that Audio Online is a tool which brings measurable results. It can perfectly complement offline activities in traditional radio with modern online advertising solutions, extending the Reach of The campaign,” said Marcin Pyra, Programmatic Manager at Grupa RMF. “The use of Programmatic Guaranteed and audience solutions allowed us to precisely reach people potentially interested in the services provided by InFakt.”

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