Future publishing’s privacy-led data approach to deliver engaging advertising
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Future publishing’s privacy-led data approach to deliver engaging advertising

Advertising empowers quality editorial from subject experts around the world: commerce sits at the heart of an exchange of community and content, offering value to publisher, advertiser and reader alike. As publishers evolve their monetization strategies, many are turning to first-party data to continue to offer advertisers engaged audiences post cookie deprecation.

Leading Publisher and Platform for specialist media, Future is one of many global partners currently evaluating the beta of publisher provided signals (also referred to as PPS), a new Google Ad Manager solution that helps publishers create and package their audiences for programmatic buyers. Many beta testers have been building and activating PPS audiences themselves and others like Future have opted to partner with Audience Platforms to support audience development and implementation.

Publisher provided signals explained

Publisher provided signals helps advertisers categorize your first-party data into consistent audience or contextual segments. These signals are then shared with programmatic buyers, making it easier for programmatic buyers to find and purchase audiences based on things like demographics, content interests or purchase intent across multiple sites and apps without tracking people’s activity in apps or across the web.

Future connects readers to their passions in over 250 publications, spanning from women’s lifestyle to photography, design, sport, music, finance and more. Watch the video to hear more about Future’s first-party data approach that both respects the privacy of those using the publication’s digital platforms, while supporting journalism that informs, entertains and campaigns on the issues that really matter to its readers.

“PPS is a way for Future to collect all our first party data, categorise it in a way that’s industry standard, and activate it by a broad range of advertisers and media buyers”

Zack Sullivan, Chief Revenue Officer, Future Publishing

Today, publishers are experimenting with new ways to scale the use of first-party data in programmatic bidding. Future’s forward-thinking, reader-focused approach is evident in their approach to data and the privacy shift. Seizing the opportunity in consented, first party data, realising that it enabled them to strengthen relationships and trust with their readers, protecting their privacy and allowing them to get ahead of the industry-wide reality of third-party cookie depreciation.

With Google Ad Manager, Future can control how this data is used while leveraging their own and third party technologies to continue to unlock global demand.

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