FUNKE uses programmatic monetization capabilities on Smart TVs with Google Ad Manager
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FUNKE uses programmatic monetization capabilities on Smart TVs with Google Ad Manager

Free Ad Supported TV (FAST), which can be described as an alternative approach to subscription-based Video on Demand and offers a combination of linear and on demand programming, represents a current mega-trend within Connected TVs (CTVs).

FUNKE Mediengruppe, one of the companies that is tapping into this mega-trend and provides FAST channels, was looking for innovative ways to monetize the distributed content on platforms such as Samsung TV Plus and XIAOMI’S MiTV+ with help of Google Ad Manager’s Advanced Video features.

Enabling Funke’s platform for programmatic monetization

By leveraging FUNKE’s unique FAST infrastructure and combining it with Google Ad Manager’s Smarter Ad Break features as Optimized Pods and third-party server-side stitching, FUNKE’s re-launched platform was fully enabled for programmatic monetization.

One of the main advantages of this approach is that all available demand sources, from direct sales, DV360 and Authorized Buyers (3P DSPs) and Open Bidding (3P SSPs), compete via one platform and help to maximize CPMs and revenues for FUNKE. The platform features all deal types (Programmatic Direct (PG, PD), the Private Auction and Open Auction).

Overcoming legacy water-fall based demand

FUNKE overcame the limitations of a legacy waterfall-based demand mediation by successfully implementing a solution based on Google Ad Manager’s Unified Auction. The adoption of programmatic monetization channels in the first six months of 2022 increased the overall fill rate by 32% and simultaneously, including open auction demand on CTV devices, resulted in a 15% revenue uplift and helped to reach more than 285 advertisers.

“By combining our unique FAST infrastructure with Google Ad Manager’s Smarter Ad Break features, we built the most sophisticated FAST solution in the European market with a focus on fully automated monetization through programmatic deal types as the Open Auction”

Alexander Voss, Director of Ad Technology & Monetization, FUNKE Mediengruppe

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