collaborates with Google Ad Manager to help publishers enhance monetization on AMP
Success Story collaborates with Google Ad Manager to help publishers enhance monetization on AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open-source community project that helps publishers optimize content for mobile devices. Since launching in 2015, AMP adoption has grown rapidly and is now being used by over 30 million websites.

Improving ad placement and AMP monetization

While AMP is introducing great benefits in terms of speed and user experience, for some publishers changes and optimisation of AMP pages can require additional developer resources, and impact the advertising demand options available as a result.

For, an Israeli tech company that enables publishers to capitalize on untapped revenue opportunities throughout their websites and create a customized advertising experience for users, this gave rise to the question of how to match (and ideally improve upon) the monetisation key performance indicators (KPIs) that publishers have for standard mobile web pages.

Solving the challenge with a single line of code

Working in collaboration with Google, developed an AMP Auto Ads solution, which can be enabled with a single line of code.

The solution dynamically inserts ads into an AMP page based on the publisher’s editorial restrictions. All the publisher needs to do is to add’s module to their AMP site and the rest is taken care of, including ad creation, positioning and demand mediation.

Publishers are provided with a console that allows them to easily control the placement and availability of their ads.’s solution offers publishers the best of both worlds and removes the need for developer support. They are able to utilize the AMP framework to improve page load speeds while’s platform enables simple, granular control of their ads and monetization.

An AMP compliant and community-recognised Auto Ads solution

Google helped facilitate discussions with the AMP community which officially recognised’s Auto Ads solution. Many publishers have now adopted the solution globally, resulting in improved monetization, increased efficiency and wider adoption of AMP.

10 publishers who initially adopted the solution have seen an average of 60% increase in Requests eCPM and 16% increase in viewability in the placements created by’s AMP Auto Ads solution versus their standard mobile website counterpart.

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