Erstream launches server-side ad insertion on Google Ad Manager to enable programmatic monetization
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Erstream launches server-side ad insertion on Google Ad Manager to enable programmatic monetization

Erstream is a technology company and end-to-end online video solutions provider. Erstream delivers scalable OTT services including Server-Side Ad Insertion, FAST TV, Cloud Encoding, CMS, CRM, Automatized Ingest Workflow, CDN software, Catch-up TV, nDVR, Vo, and Client Application Development. Erstream works in partnership with local and global media companies, established content owners and broadcasters.

Erstream launched a server-side ad insertion platform, DAION, in 2017. During early integrations, publishers used a second platform to serve ads on livestream inventory and programmatic transactions were unavailable. These constraints limited both campaign management and monetization opportunities for publishers.

A new way to manage livestream inventory

Erstream implemented Programmatic Access Library (PAL) SDK - Google’s solution to enable programmatic monetization on Google Ad Manager, with protection from spam and fraud, as a lightweight alternative to IMA SDK - into their tech infrastructure via a server-to-server integration with Google Ad Manager. Server-side ad insertion helped publishers manage their livestream inventory using a single platform and enabled Erstream to offer all programmatic transaction types; i.e. Open Auction, Private Auction, Preferred Deal, Programmatic Guaranteed and Open Bidding in a measurable way across desktop, mobile web, mobile apps and CTV.

“The appeal of working with Google in the Server-Side Ad Insertion field is being able to harness the full power of Google Ad Manager 360 and the Google Ads ecosystem.”

Uğur Kalaba, CEO, Erstream

Increased viewability and coverage

Multiple local broadcasters in Türkiye and global broadcasters integrated DAION, Erstream’s server-side ad insertion solution with PAL SDK and enabled livestream monetization. Server-side ad insertion became a new revenue stream for broadcasters. Erstream helped broadcasters achieve up to 100% coverage with the help of programmatic monetization as an additional demand source, including Google Ads demand, and reached 85% average viewability in 2022.

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