DAZN creates smarter ad breaks with Google Ad Manager
Success Story

DAZN creates smarter ad breaks with Google Ad Manager

Sports are a unique proposition for advertisers, bringing people together at the same time, across generations and around highly emotional content.

DAZN brings must-watch sporting events to a digital-first, Connected TV audience used to having their entertainment when they want, on their own terms. So, it’s important to the company that ad-breaks on DAZN occur naturally in the programming, rather than disrupting the viewer experience.

At the same time, DAZN wants to reach an audience that might not be consuming entertainment on any other ad-supported platform. In order to deliver on this promise for advertisers and for the fans, DAZN partnered with Google.

Watch the video below to learn how DAZN used Google Ad Manager, Dynamic Ad Insertion and Programmatic Guaranteed to bring advertising capabilities that typically aren’t possible with traditional linear TV advertising, but which the modern advertiser has come to expect.

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