Clarin, Havas, and Clorox team up to deliver high-impact ads with Programmatic Guaranteed
Success Story

Clarin, Havas, and Clorox team up to deliver high-impact ads with Programmatic Guaranteed


In October 2018, the news outlet Clarín, Havas creative group, and the Clorox Company joined forces to combine high-impact custom creatives with a programmatic advertising campaign using Google Ad Manager and Google Marketing Platform.

The group used Programmatic Guaranteed to consolidate its media buying strategy in Display & Video 360. With Programmatic Guaranteed, brands can run integrated campaigns that achieve better performance, including faster execution, greater automation, and better frequency control. In fact, a recent study by Boston Consulting Group indicates that when it comes to campaign setup and management, Programmatic Guaranteed deals were 57% more efficient for publishers and 29% more efficient for advertisers and agencies versus traditional direct reservations.

Teamwork that adds value

To access Clarín's inventory and build greater brand awareness, Clorox turned to Google Marketing Platform and Display & Video 360. In partnership with Havas, Clarín then chose to use Programmatic Guaranteed with Custom Creatives in Ad Manager, which allowed the team to run the campaign programmatically and guarantee impressions with Clarín’s animated Megaexpandable format. Clorox used a geographical audience segmentation strategy to drive impact.

Clarín's reports that their rich-media creatives generally have higher viewability than their traditional banner ads, sometimes as much as 40% more. So by developing and trafficking high-impact ads programmatically — something that had only been possible in the past via direct deals — publications and brands can expect even stronger performance. The collaboration between Clarín and Havas also allowed Clarín to extend their reach and better control the ad frequencies across the site for their advertiser partner.

An original strategy that leads the way

Pablo Salvatori, Head of Digital Strategy at Clarín, sees significant potential for the group’s innovative strategy.

"The implementation of this rich-media format through Programmatic Guaranteed campaigns and Ad Manager allows us to offer our agencies and advertisers a new, higher-quality inventory with superior metrics,” he explains. “Without a doubt, this development opens up new opportunities for exploration with high-impact segmented formats for specific audiences. Many industry professionals were asking for a solution like this to continue growing programmatic investment and achieve better performance for their advertisers."

Andrés Mociulsky, Head of Programmatic Hub for Argentina and Business Partner for Latin America at Havas, added, "One of our core value pillars is to transform the communication strategy of our advertisers by searching for greater efficiency in media buying. Through our project with Clorox and Clarín, we’ve taken an important step toward the vision of an automated advertising ecosystem based on audiences — a step that’s not only important for advertisers, but also for the industry in general. And our strong teamwork made it possible: To continue to move forward, it’s necessary to involve advertisers, agencies, and publishers in new ideas."

The push for a consolidated media buying strategy is gaining momentum around the world, encouraging all industry players to work together and evaluate how they can remain at the top of their industries. An added bonus? The efficiency savings help companies free up more time to continue to create value for their customers — and pave the way for the future.

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