Content giant Meaww increases CPMs by 200% with native ads
Success Story

Content giant Meaww increases CPMs by 200% with native ads


Creating the best user experience possible

Established in 2015, Meaww has quickly grown into a global content giant. Today, Meaww’s desktop and mobile websites are available in nine different languages, and collectively receive over 300 million visits per month. The company’s goal is to deliver fun and entertaining content through quizzes, videos, and news articles, and also drive better user experiences.

In early 2017, Meaww wanted to monetize their fast-growing audience by showing ads on their website, but they didn’t have a direct sales team to help make this a reality. Instead, they looked for a partner to help them develop a strategy that could deliver results to advertisers while maintaining high-quality experiences on their sites.

Implementing native ads

After researching a number of potential partners, Meaww decided to work with Google Ad Manager. The team strongly believed that Google Ad Manager’s dedication to innovation and performance would help Meaww use their ad inventory to achieve their revenue goals. Meaww used the platform to analyze native ads, drive revenue growth, and deliver ad experiences that complement the editorial look, feel, and function of the company’s website.

The consumer shift to mobile has fundamentally changed the way we see advertising. It’s important for us to respect the user experience wherever our users are accessing our content. In order for us to succeed, we need to keep our user experience paramount while still driving strong results for advertisers.

Nirnay Chowdhary, Co-Founder, Meaww

The proof is in the numbers

For Meaww, offering native ads on both their desktop and mobile website — where 65% of users now access their content — took precedence in their new advertising strategy.

After implementing native ads, Meaww saw promising results both from performance and user experience perspectives. By introducing ads that were consistent with site content and which appeared within the natural user experience flow, the overall ad experience worked well for Meaww and their users. Native banner ads’ cost-per-thousand impressions (CPMs) were higher than standard banner ads’ CPMs by 200%, and higher than the CPMs of remaining ad formats by at least 50%. Native ads have grown to comprise 13% of annualized revenue.

Meaww intends to make native an even larger part of their monetization strategy, and plans on using Google Ad Manager to make that happen. Nirnay concludes, “Our overall experience with Google Ad Manager has been great. We want to continue to work with them to make native ads a bigger part of our strategy, and we look forward to seeing how they evolve their offerings in the future.”

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