Carrefour UAE and Google Ad Manager maximize first-party data to give suppliers increased conversions
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Carrefour UAE and Google Ad Manager maximize first-party data to give suppliers increased conversions

Carrefour was introduced to the Middle East, North Africa and Asia in 1995 by a UAE company Majid Al Futtaim. The Company is the franchisee for Carrefour in over 30 markets across the Middle East, Africa and Asia. To meet the growing needs of its diverse customer base and communities, Carrefour offers omnichannel customer experiences tailored to the needs of the modern consumer. Through its innovative physical and digital customer services, Carrefour provides access to an unrivaled choice of quality products, at unbeatable value for the 750,000 customers it serves daily. Committed to supporting local economies, producers and suppliers in the communities it serves, Carrefour resources over 80 per cent of its products from the region.

Increased retail media budgets

As the world becomes more digital, brands are increasingly interested in allocating budget toward retail media. It gives brands, including Carrefour UAE, increased transparency and access to retail shoppers at key points in the purchasing journey. Carrefour UAE is always looking for new ways to help suppliers connect with more shoppers and drive increased sales.

Maximizing the value of its first-party data

Carrefour UAE partnered with Google to maximize the value of its first-party data, to offer suppliers more relevant and personalized digital advertising to shoppers.

Using the web and app interaction data captured within Google Analytics 360 along with CRM and transaction history, the team built machine learning models with the aim of improving customer conversion.

The solution, built on Google Cloud, scored each user on their likelihood to convert in different product categories and allowed Carrefour to leverage these signals to deliver personalized product recommendations. These audiences were then pushed to Ad Manager 360, using encrypted signals, to deliver immersive display advertising inventory on Carrefour’s website and app.

Advertisers were then able to buy this inventory through Display and Video 360 and authorized buyers, to the brand guidelines set by Carrefour.

“Our strategic partnership with Google enables a pioneering AI-enabled programmatic ad execution which boosts supplier profitability, all whilst generating significant levels of customer satisfaction.”

Nalla Karunanithy, CDO, Majid Al Futtaim Retail

Increased probability of conversion for brands

This data led approach increased the probability of conversion by 3x and attracted over 15 household brands to Majid Al Futtaim’s Carrefour Ad Tech solution, who achieved an average sales uplift of 30%. For example, consumer goods brand La Vache qui Rit® achieved a 3x click through rate uplift and benefited from a 2:1 return on ad spend in a campaign that ran from 9 - 11th March 2021.

The goal now is to roll out the solution to other countries where Majid Al Futtaim operates Carrefour, such as Egypt, KSA and Qatar. Carrefour will not only be able to predict when a user will make an online conversion, but an offline conversion as well. This will allow brands to better target online users and take into account the likelihood of conversion after an offline purchase. Carrefour and Google hopes these additions will allow brands to continue personalizing their ads to users.

"Since the implementation of our first AI-enabled programmatic ads, we have scaled to 4 different countries, working with multiple brands. We now, not just predict whether the customer will convert, but when they will convert. This is a result of our AdTech solution focusing on providing a personalized customer experience."

Hani Weiss, CEO, Majid Al Futtaim Retail

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