América TV grows revenue with more relevant ads for live stream audiences
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América TV grows revenue with more relevant ads for live stream audiences


The growth of new business models and the wide variety of devices on the market have brought new challenges for the television industry. As the two worlds of traditional television and digital video converge, audiences have more ways than ever to watch their favorite shows. And media owners have a greater responsibility to deliver high quality TV-like experiences across every screen.

Being at the front of this shift to a universal TV experience is one of the driving forces of Grupo América, the Argentinian group that owns América TV—a digital platform that broadcasts it’s live linear TV programming to its website 24 hours a day.

As more people engaged with América TV, Grupo América began evaluating solutions to monetize these digital audiences more effectively. They discovered that there was a large opportunity to not only increase inventory availability, but also improve ad performance, if they replaced the commercial breaks within their linear TV streams being broadcasted online with digital video ads. To accomplish this, Grupo América turned to Dynamic Ad Insertion from Google Ad Manager.

More relevant ads for better experience

Google Ad Manager’s Dynamic Ad Insertion solution allows TV programmers and operators to seamlessly stitch video ads into live, linear, or on-demand broadcasts across all screens. And because ads within each commercial break can be decisioned and served programmatically, every viewer can be delivered a customized ad experience.

Once implemented, Dynamic Ad Insertion helped América TV increase video ad inventory availability by 18x, and increased their overall revenue by 4x. América TV also managed to double its ad view-through rate (VTR), while the number of video impressions watched to completion increased by 8x. Growth like this demonstrates how relevancy and custom ad experiences drive performance for advertisers and revenue for publishers.

Innovation with an impact on revenue

América TV was able to monetize linear programming with digital ads for the first time in Latin America. Creating individual streams for every viewer with Dynamic Ad Insertion, enabled the platform to form deeper connections with its audience through valuable content and ads.

"Google Ad Manager Dynamic Ad Insertion has proven to be a great solution for boosting the quality of our live streaming,” says Jonatan Fasano, Digital Commercial Manager at Grupo América. “Not only in terms of user experience, but also by enhancing digital commercial offers and their goals, attracting a new set of advertisers and agencies."

By investing in innovative solutions, América TV adapted to the ever-changing demands of the TV industry; and was able to deliver better experiences for it’s audiences and better performance for it’s advertiser partners.

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