Video viewability best practices guide for publishers

Video viewability best practices guide for publishers


Video is one of the most engaging and effective advertising formats today. But it’s surprising how challenging it can still be for people to view video ads due to a number of design or technical factors. Every publisher and advertiser knows that in order for consumers to engage with an ad, they have to be able to see it—that’s where viewability comes in.

Increasing viewability, the measure of whether an ad has the opportunity to be seen, is not only beneficial for publishers and advertisers, but for the entire ad ecosystem. Advertisers see better results. Publishers see increased demand and revenue. And consumers have a better viewing experience overall.

To help publishers capture these opportunities and improve the viewability of their instream video ads on websites and apps, we’ve identified the 3 P’s of viewability—premium experiences, placement, and player. Download our guide on Video Viewability Best Practices for Publishers for step-by-step recommendations on ways to improve the viewability of your video ads and measure your viewability in Google Ad Manager.

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