The publisher’s playbook for navigating today’s privacy environment

The publisher’s playbook for navigating today’s privacy environment

Growing user concerns about privacy have set in motion a series of changes that will reshape the digital advertising ecosystem for years to come. Managing a digital advertising business can seem a lot more complicated these days, especially with the added pressure and uncertainty that many are feeling due to COVID-19. But there’s a chance for publishers to turn these changes and challenges into new opportunities. By testing new strategies and evolving your business practices, you can sustain and grow your revenue — while respecting people’s preferences for privacy.

In this playbook we offer practical guidance and steps you can take now to succeed in this changing environment. We’ll share best practices and examples from a variety of publishers on how to:

  • Build direct relationships with your users by offering them valuable services that enhance their experience.
  • Collect and manage user data responsibly by providing clear privacy policies and ensuring that you offer users transparency, choice, and control.
  • Use your data to segment your audiences and monetize effectively across both ads and other revenue-generating solutions.
  • Consolidate and secure your data in the cloud so you can use machine learning to predict outcomes and optimize revenue without compromising user privacy.

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