The publisher’s playbook for navigating today’s privacy environment

The publisher’s playbook for navigating today’s privacy environment

Growing user concerns about privacy have set in motion a series of changes that will reshape the digital advertising ecosystem for years to come. With rising user privacy expectations, new global regulations, and browser and operating system changes, the shift to a privacy-first future is quickly approaching.

In light of these developments, managing a digital advertising business can seem more complicated than ever. Thankfully, there are several ways for publishers to adapt to privacy trends to uncover new opportunities.

Google values the success of publishers and their vital role in the ad-supported Internet and is investing substantially in a broad suite of solutions to help publishers sustain revenues in the privacy-centric future. Within this playbook, we offer practical guidance on steps you can take and features you can use to succeed in this changing environment.

This new tool incorporates interactive elements to help you quickly navigate to the content that matters most to you – from managing regulations and consent to new privacy-minded solutions and more. In each section, you’ll find additional resources linked to help you take action.

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