The Next-Generation Telco Bundle
White Paper

The Next-Generation Telco Bundle

The global telecommunications industry is at a point of major transformation as market changes lead telco companies to reexamine their business models. Whether it’s increased competition from new direct-to-consumer apps, rising content costs, or subscription losses due to cord cutting, telcos are re-thinking their video aggregation strategies, re-structuring their bundles, and diversifying their offerings.

To learn more about emerging telco trends, strategies, and solutions, we worked with MTM to conduct long-form interviews with 25 senior executives from top telcos around the world. The interviews focused heavily on leading telcos in the United States and Europe, with additional feedback collected from telcos in Latin America and Asia Pacific for a truly global perspective.

How are telcos responding to market changes? What role does video and connectivity play in telco strategies moving forward? And what new products and services are telcos investing in to create the next-generation telco bundle that will keep their business thriving into the future?

Download our Next-Generation Telco Bundle Report to learn more about how telcos are transitioning into this exciting new era full of challenges and opportunities.

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