How Authorized Buyers work with Google Ad Manager
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How Authorized Buyers work with Google Ad Manager

Millions of websites and apps from all over the world partner with Google to make their ad inventory available to programmatic buyers who partner with us in our Authorized Buyer program. Authorized Buyers have programmatic access to “Google Partner Inventory”, which includes trusted ad inventory from publishers and developers who use Google Ad Manager, AdMob and AdSense, in an ad exchange environment.

An ad exchange is an online, auction-driven marketplace where ad impressions are bought and sold in real-time. Just like ad networks and yield managers, an ad exchange connects buyers with publishers looking to sell their ad inventory. As an Authorized Buyer or publisher using Ad Manager, you can curate who you work with and how you work with each other through diverse buying methods including Programmatic Guaranteed and Preferred Deals.

Who are Authorized Buyers?

Authorized Buyers have access to a real-time marketplace within the ad exchange that helps buyers maximize return on investment (ROI) across millions of seller sites. The most common buyers include:

  • Ad networks: companies that aggregate publisher ad space and sell it to advertisers opting to advertise in the space.
  • Trading desks: divisions at agency holding companies that execute exchange buys for all the company’s agencies.
  • Demand-side platforms (DSP): platforms that make buying across multiple exchanges easier and more transparent. Using sophisticated targeting capabilities and optimization algorithms, DSPs help advertisers and agencies to determine the value of an incoming impression and to place a bid in order to win that impression and show their ad.

Authorized Buyers buy on behalf of multiple advertisers and can increase ROI through audience segmentation, defined bids, defined budgets and frequency caps on inventory purchases. A real-time bidding system can enable buyers to take advantage of their proprietary data and bidding technology for even more control over media spend.

A powerful way to buy

Authorized Buyers can buy inventory for advertisers through real-time bidding or direct buying. As an Authorized Buyer, you get:

Access and unified reach across partners

As an Authorized Buyer, you continue to have access to Google Partner Inventory from partners who use Google Ad Manager, AdMob and AdSense.

Protection and transparency

You can use inventory controls such as ad blocking and granular settings to specify who sees your ads, where they serve, and reporting features to see the results.


Buy efficiently with tools like Real-time bidding (RTB) Breakout, and access inventory in a way that works for you through the Authorized Buyer user interface, Buyer REST API, or Real-Time Bidding Protocol.

Placing bids

Using the real-time bidding protocol, buyers build their own system called a real-time bidder that connects to Google servers in order to get a constant stream of available ad inventory via "callouts" or bid requests.

For example, when an impression becomes available on a seller’s site, Authorized Buyers receive information via real-time bidding about the impression. The real-time bidder analyzes the information, selects an advertiser from their base of clients, and then responds with an ad creative and bid for that advertiser. Or, if they don’t wish to bid, they can place an empty bid. The bid is then entered alongside all of the other bids in the auction. This all happens within around 100 milliseconds.

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