Grow faster with a Google Certified Publishing Partner

Grow faster with a Google Certified Publishing Partner

If you’re a publisher using Google Ad Manager and you’re looking for support bringing your business to the next level, consider working with a Google Certified Publishing Partner. Certified Publishing Partners are part of an exclusive community of trusted third-party experts who offer innovative solutions and services utilizing the latest Google products. They can help with everything from growing your ad revenue to strategizing across many areas of your business including: campaign setup, optimization, and maintenance. Allowing you to focus on what you love — creating great content.

How can a Google Certified Publisher Partner help you?

Certified partners can unlock a wide-variety of capabilities and opportunities for your business:

  • Earn more from every pixel. Use partner expertise to optimize your digital content, so you can attract the most profitable and relevant advertising. Because when you put so much passion into your content, you deserve to earn more from it.
  • Get expertise you can use today, and tomorrow. From app design, to AMP implementation, to ad optimization and more. Receive insights, services, and technology to help you make more informed decisions and strengthen your bottom line.
  • Focus on what you do best. When you have an expert partner who can leverage the best advertising technologies to maximize your revenue potential, you'll have more time on your hands to focus on what matters most, delivering value for your audiences.

Not only is the income great, the ideas to better my website are fantastic. My partner really cares about my business and wants to help me be more successful.

Lauren Breeze, Nashville Fun for Families,

What services do Google Certified Publishing Partners offer?

Use Certified Publishing Partners to support your business with expert solutions, including:

  1. Full-service ad operations, implementations, and testing
  2. Mobile, web, app, and responsive design development
  3. Content moderation tools
  4. Platform and monetization solutions for video
  5. Customization of ads
  6. Full services on mobile app monetization, user acquisition, and user re-engagement

Choose a trusted partner. Look for the badge.

The Certified Publishing Partner badge lets you know you’re working with someone who has been carefully vetted by Google. Not only have they passed Google’s product certification exams, but they’ve also established a successful track record of helping publishers like you succeed.

Learn more and find a partner that can help you grow your business.

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