Get customized insights with Ad Manager reporting
Feature Brief

Get customized insights with Ad Manager reporting

To run a successful ad sales business, publishers need to track, view, and understand critical performance metrics. Google Ad Manager has reporting tools that allow you to tailor the right metrics and views to your business, uncover insights, and take action fast.

The reporting tool within Google Ad Manager provides easy, granular access to all of the account data you need to create actionable insights and successfully manage your ads business. You can configure a range of dimensions and metrics to customize your queries, generate reports from predefined system queries, and easily schedule and share query results.

For quick, daily performance snapshots, you can use the Home dashboard to view your Ad Manager and ad exchange performance over time in relation to comparable publishers. The dashboard can show you critical metrics such as revenue, impressions, viewability, latency, among others.

Home dashboards aren’t intended to replace reports from the reporting tool, but to supplement them by surfacing new opportunities and providing insights into which strategies have been the most effective.

Continue reading to understand how to best customize Ad Manager reporting and your Home dashboard to gain the insights you need from your data.

Accessing insights that matter

Using reporting and Home dashboards, you can set up how to best view your data based on our business KPIs.

With Ad Manager reporting, you can:

The Home Dashboards helps you view and visualize your most important data trends and KPIs, comprehensively understand the critical data that drives your business, compare your data against peer benchmarks, and take quick action based on those insights.

With Home dashboard you can:

  • View, understand and act on the most relevant and critical performance data across your revenue, content and audience
  • Surface timely, proactive insights along with recommendations that you can take action on
  • Use a single place to manage and optimize your business in order to create and execute a holistic yield strategy

Creating your customized view

For an overview of how to configure Ad Manager reporting, view the Ad Manager Help Center. Some of the queries you can run include:

  • Historical: View data on clicks, revenue, click-through rate, and total impressions for dates in the past.
  • Ad Exchange historical: Create and run your Ad Exchange reports from within the Ad Manager reporting tool.
  • Future sell-through: View data on sell-through rate (STR) and forecasted, available, and reserved impressions for dates in the future.
  • Reach (available in Ad Manager 360): View the estimated number of unique visitors exposed to different advertisers, orders, line items, or ad units in your network over a given time period.
  • Partner finance: This report type only applies to track assignments and reflects host-partner revenue splits based on advanced financial configuration.

With your Home dashboard, you can set up custom views by using the various filtering options available in each dashboard. Additionally many of them offer deep-links into reporting for additional data manipulation and customized reporting. Dashboards include:

  • Overview: See an overview of revenue and performance
  • Delivery: Review your line items and orders that might need attention
  • Advertisers: Review the revenue generated by classified advertisers
  • Ad Speed: Review the factors that may affect ad serving speed on your network
  • Opportunities: Review your available opportunities and experiments
  • Yield Partners: shows how each Yield partner has performed over the selected time period, as well as breakdowns by programmatic channel and inventory type

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