Capture growing video budgets with out-stream video ads
Feature Brief

Capture growing video budgets with out-stream video ads

Out-stream video ads create new opportunities for you to capture video advertising demand by allowing applicable display ad slots to be used for video ads, increasing the value of your content. This format allows you to show video ads within non-video content across sites and apps and can include Rewarded, Native, In-article & In-feed, and Interstitial ad formats.

Putting video ads front and center in publisher content

The demand for video ads continues to grow. Out-stream ads are designed to help you optimize the value of your content by creating opportunities to plug video ads into non-video content. Publishers can select from a range of ad formats to create the best experience for your users with your existing inventory, and take advantage of increasing demand for video while driving higher pricing for your inventory and increasing user engagement.

Out-stream video ad formats include:

In-feed & In-article — receive video demand (non-native) for display slots centrally positioned in the middle of non-video content, such as news articles and feeds. These formats are supported for mobile web, mobile app, and desktop inventory.

Rewarded video — a non-intrusive, short-form video ad format that creates a value exchange between a publisher and a user: users explicitly choose to watch a video ad to receive an award, such as access to a new game level, or the full version of an article or story. These ads are supported for mobile app inventory with mobile web currently in the beta stage.

Interstitial ad units — rich, full-page ads in your app. Place them at natural breaks and transitions in your app's interface, such as at launch, after level completion in a gaming app, or after an article view in a news app. These ads are supported for mobile app inventory.

Native video ads — you can customize the design of these ads so they match the look and feel of your app or site. You design these from the ground up: how they look, where they’re placed, and how they work within your content. These ads are supported for desktop, mobile web, and app inventory.

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