Save time and increase inventory value with Open Measurement for apps
Feature Brief

Save time and increase inventory value with Open Measurement for apps

The Open Measurement software development kit (SDK) is an industry-wide solution to the challenge of measuring viewability of ads in apps — we're excited to continue offering our customers access to Open Measurement by integrating the SDK into our mobile ads products.

Taking on the challenge of viewability

Viewability is the measure of whether an ad had an opportunity to be seen, and measuring viewability in mobile apps on iOS and Android is difficult. Each app requires a verification code to run natively on a device, which means app developers must integrate each and every vendor SDK into apps to enable measurement. This leads to fragmented and insufficient coverage for advertisers, costly integrations and bloated apps for publishers, and zero-sum competition between vendors for coverage.

The Open Measurement SDK solves for this — a single SDK to enable measurement across apps and measurement platforms. The Open Measurement Initiative leads this effort, coordinated through an Open Measurement Working Group among industry leaders including Google, IAB Tech Lab, DoubleVerify, Pandora, Moat, and comScore. The group jointly developed the Open Measurement SDK, which launched in April 2018.

Better measurement for publishers

When you use Ad Manager to monetize your apps, your inventory will be measurable for buyers using third-party tracking without having to implement different vendors, such as Integral Ad Science, DoubleVerify, Moat, or comScore. This means you can:

  • Save time integrating SDKs into your apps
  • Increase high value demand from open auction
  • Sell inventory directly to buyers who require measurement, which offers a potential alternative for a paid or subscription business model

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