Monitor and manage ad exchange ads in the Ad review center
Feature Brief

Monitor and manage ad exchange ads in the Ad review center

We work hard to prevent showing ads that don’t meet your brand values or business rules, from reaching your audiences. While Google is constantly tuning its systems to screen and remove these ads, we don’t always catch every one. With the Ad review center in Google Ad Manager, partners can review individual ads after they're shown and decide whether they want to continue showing them on their pages. In addition to reviewing ads, partners can use the Ad review center to block and report bad ads in real-time.

Find out how you can use the Ad review center tool to gain more transparency, flexibility, and control over the ads that appear on your apps or sites.

Review ads and take action

With the Ad review center, you can:

  • Allow or block ads
  • Report ads that you think violate Google policies
  • Quickly review ads that have been shown, ordered by impression volume
  • Filter and search by different designations to find ads to review and block

Once you enable the tool in your Ad Manager account, you can immediately start reviewing ads. View the Unreviewed tab to see the ads that have appeared on your site in the last 30 days. To ensure that you're always reviewing the most important ads first, ads are ranked according to the number of impressions that they've received.

Google Ad Manager

We recommend getting familiar with all of the ad details — you’ll see a full size preview of the ad and information such as its size, type, destination URL, Google Ads account or ad network, etc. If you're happy for an ad to continue showing on your pages, simply mark it as reviewed.

You can restrict which ads you see using the search bar, and filter by text, domain, newest ads, ad network, language, ad type, and click string. And with Ad review center's image search function, you can upload a picture — say for example a competitor's logo — and use it to search for image ads containing that logo. You can also find related ads, such as a similar destination page or similar subject.

If you don't want an ad to appear on your pages again, you can block it, and you can also block an entire advertiser account and report an ad if you think it violates our policies. If you’ve changed your mind, you can easily undo. Changes usually take effect in a few hours.

Get started with the Ad review center

Ready to start using the Ad review center tool?

The Ad review center tool can be found directly in the Ad Manager UI under Delivery> Creatives > Ad review center.

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