Building a Retail Media Business with Google

Building a Retail Media Business with Google

More people are browsing and buying online than ever before, creating an influx of demand and data for retailers. This shift in consumer behavior has in turn created a unique opportunity for retailers to deepen their relationships with brand partners, grow new revenue streams, and improve shopper experiences by developing a retail media business.

Built on an integrated system of technology, with features ranging from ad management to closed loop measurement, retail media turns site traffic into insights that retailers can use to better understand what their customers want and need. Using these insights and their first-party data, retailers can develop customized advertising offerings for brands that help shoppers find what they are looking for faster, which often leads to more sales.

In our new Building a Retail Media Business with Google guide, we take a deeper look at the benefits and technology needed to develop a retail media business that will flex and scale to your goals.

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