2020 advanced TV inventory report

2020 advanced TV inventory report

Advanced TV viewership, or the usage of digital technology to watch TV content, continues to accelerate with new direct-to-consumer apps and free ad-supported TV services. To help our partners gain insight into how 2020 impacted advanced TV monetization trends, we're publishing our second annual Google Ad Manager advanced TV inventory report. This data can help you understand how viewers are watching your advanced TV content, what opportunities exist to monetize this content, and where to focus your strategies to grow revenue.

In the new report we analyze data from 35 Ad Manager TV partners to discover new advanced TV monetization trends. The report dives deep into four key topic areas that hint at the direction advanced TV is moving next:

  1. COVID-19 recovery: How did last year’s events impact advanced TV advertising?

  2. Global viewership: How are viewers watching content around the world?

  3. Transaction trends: How are TV partners selling their advanced TV inventory?

  4. Livestreaming performance: What impact did 2020 have on live and video on-demand (VOD) content?

Download our full 2020 advanced TV inventory report now to learn more.

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