Reimagining the commercial break everywhere viewers are watching

Reimagining the commercial break everywhere viewers are watching

The convergence of TV and digital has created new opportunities for programmers and operators to grow their business as viewers watch more TV content anytime and anywhere. Using Google Ad Manager, programmers and operators are able to reimagine the commercial break and deliver seamless, personalized, and measurable ad experiences everywhere viewers are watching.

Google Ad Manager’s Advanced TV Guide: Reimagining the commercial break, outlines the technological breakthroughs that are helping media companies succeed:

  1. Seamless ad experiences: Reach people seamlessly with broadcast-quality ads, no matter where they’re watching.
  2. Personalized ad experiences: Deliver personalized ads that keep viewers engaged.
  3. Measurable ad experiences: Measure what’s working best so that you can optimize for your content, your advertising partners, and your viewers.

Transforming ads for the multi-screen era starts with reimagining what a commercial break should be. Read more about them here.

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