Modernize your direct deals with Programmatic Guaranteed
Feature Brief

Modernize your direct deals with Programmatic Guaranteed

Put simply, Programmatic Guaranteed modernizes direct ad buying. It expands on the promise of programmatic advertising — an automated buying process — to deliver more value to both advertisers and publishers by allowing them to implement direct reservation-style buys more easily than ever before.

A report by the Boston Consulting Group found that publishers and agencies/advertisers save 57% and 29% more time, respectively, when using Programmatic Guaranteed deals versus traditional reservations, while still maintaining the same level of control over their campaigns.

Continue reading below to find out how you can use Programmatic Guaranteed to automate transactions, save costs, and free up resources so you can focus on higher-value activities.

Automated buying workflows mean more time back

In the past, publishers and buyers transacted through a tag-based reservation method to secure inventory and ad spend for campaigns. With this method, publishers and buyers would exchange an Insertion Order — a set of ad tags for publishers to traffic into their ad server — with all optimization and feedback managed through email or phone. The process was effective, but manual and time consuming.

Programmatic Guaranteed simplifies the direct reservations workflow by combining the precision and control of programmatic technology with an automated media buying process; which helps secure inventory for advertisers and revenue for publishers. By executing Programmatic Guaranteed deals with advertisers, these new workflows can help you eliminate cumbersome and manual processes such as exchanging tags, troubleshooting discrepancies, overseeing billing and reconciliation, and deliver performance benefits for advertisers.

Benefits include:

  • Simplified workflow: Save costs and increase efficiency with streamlined ad trafficking, eliminating the need for copy/pasting tags and issuing insertion orders.
  • Get paid in 30 days, guaranteed*: Receive guaranteed in-full and on-time payments, processed and paid by Google 30 days after your campaign. There’s no need to wait and collect from all of your different buyers anymore.
  • Reduced discrepancies and waste: Integrated buy and sell-side platforms enable faster troubleshooting and fewer discrepancies.
  • Better performance: Partners see higher CPMs when they use features like Programmatic Guaranteed with Audience lists, which unlocks a new class of media buying. Buyers can guarantee purchasing for only those audiences they wish to reach.
  • Deliver more for your advertisers: Add value for your clients with advanced functionality and features like buying and serving custom ad formats programmatically to improve campaign performance, reach, and measurement.

*For valid activity. Exclusions may apply.

A wide range of features

With Google Ad Manager, your sales teams have the flexibility to offer Programmatic Guaranteed buyers all the same inventory packages and creative executions they do today using traditional reservation workflows. Programmatic Guaranteed supports a number of advanced capabilities outlined below that improve inventory performance and deliver more value for your customers.

Programmatic Guaranteed allows you to connect with buyers, send proposals and negotiate deals directly within Ad Manager.  There are a range of features to expedite this process:

  • Programmatic Guaranteed with Audience Lists

    For the first time ever, buyers can reserve your inventory, while also ensuring every impression matches their first-party audience list. That means improved targeting for buyers and more efficient use of your valuable inventory.  For buyers, it’s as easy as attaching one or more first-party user lists to a proposal during negotiation. From there, publishers can forecast inventory against the list and finalize the deal.

  • Programmatic Guaranteed with Custom Creatives

    Host and sell your non-standard rich media creatives using Programmatic Guaranteed.

  • Programmatic Guaranteed Sponsorships

    Sell your cost-per-day (CPD) sponsorships programmatically.

  • Marketplace

    Marketplace is a real-time discovery tool where buyers can access your Publisher Profile, learn more about your inventory and audiences, and send Requests for Proposals for Programmatic Guaranteed campaigns directly to your Ad Manager account.

  • Supported Ad Formats

    Programmatic Guaranteed supports a variety of format types including display, video, App, and standard Native sizes, as well as custom rich media formats.

  • Roadblocks

    Serve multiple ad creatives to the same webpage at the same time via a guaranteed deal.

  • Global Frequency Management

    Advertisers transacting open auction and Programmatic Guaranteed reservations on one platform can more effectively control the reach and frequency of their campaigns. This means better performance for your advertisers, and higher customer satisfaction for you.

  • Programmatic Guaranteed Request for Proposal Workflow

    When buyers send you Requests for Proposals, sales teams can respond with proposals directly from within Ad Manager, including inventory segments, impression goals, rates and a range of other deal terms.

  • Pause/Resume Programmatic Guaranteed

    You and your buyers can pause/resume Programmatic Guaranteed campaigns with full transparency on both sides.

  • Full API Support

    You can use the API to manage Programmatic Guaranteed proposals.

Comprehensive reporting

Programmatic Guaranteed is fully integrated into Ad Manager, so you can manage all aspects of your deals from within the interface. Pivot your dashboards by deal type or pull comprehensive Programmatic Guaranteed campaign reports from the Ad Manager query tool.

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