Seamlessly reach viewers everywhere with Dynamic Ad Insertion
Feature Brief

Seamlessly reach viewers everywhere with Dynamic Ad Insertion

When you think about TV, you don’t think about buffering, or poor ad-resolution quality. TV just works, and it works at scale. But as viewers are increasingly watching their favorite TV shows or large live events like the Olympics through over-the-top (OTT) services and across a variety of different devices, it’s important to make sure that they experience the same quality on digital as they do on TV.

Dynamic Ad Insertion helps broadcasters and publishers earn more revenue for their video inventory by delivering a seamless and personalized viewer experience. Because it’s built directly into Google Ad Manager, Dynamic Ad Insertion helps you take advantage of advanced monetization software and machine learning to maximize your revenue across devices, for live and on-demand content.

Google Ad Manager’s Dynamic Ad Insertion is the first server-side ad insertion (SSAI) solution to be accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for its client-initiated impression measurement of video ads on live and video on-demand content. Partners using the solution also benefit from robust debugging tools and 24/7 support to ensure reliable delivery and help achieve operational efficiency. Which is why Ad Manager's solution has powered digital monetization for some of the largest global events in the past three years, including the World Cup, the Winter Olympics, the NFL Playoffs, and more.

How Dynamic Ad Insertion delivers personalized ad experiences seamlessly at scale

Dynamic Ad Insertion is a server-side ad-insertion technology that enables a seamless, personalized ad experience at scale. It does so by transcoding every video creative in advance to meet the format and delivery requirements of each device, and unifying the video ads and video content into a single stream in real time. Across live and on-demand content, Dynamic Ad Insertion supports mobile apps (iOS, Android), web (HTML5), and connected TV devices, including Chromecast, tvOS, xBox, and many more.

Delivering seamless and personalized ad experiences is especially challenging and critical during live events, where stream failure has high-stakes consequences. Dynamic Ad Insertion reliably supports millions of concurrent viewers with advanced pre-fetching ad decisioning, a sophisticated detection and mitigation system, and Google infrastructure and serving capacity.

Optimal revenue across direct and indirect demand

Using Google Ad Manager’s industry-leading innovation and monetization expertise, Dynamic Ad Insertion provides a holistic monetization-first approach and is uniquely positioned to help partners maximize revenue across both direct and indirect demand. It removes vendor fragmentation and complexity by ensuring ad serving and programmatic functionalities work out of the box.

Integrating with Ad Manager also enables better monetization across reservation and programmatic in the following ways:

  • Support for Ad Manager advanced TV features, including Smarter Ad Breaks, inventory sharing, and TV forecasting
  • Maximization of programmatic performance across all transaction types with full programmatic signals coverage via the Dynamic Ad Insertion Interactive Media Ads Software Development Kit (DAI IMA SDK)
  • Integrated viewability measurement with Active View and Open Measurement
  • Integration with Brightline and Innovid for interactive formats
  • Reliable and accurate VAST-compliant reporting and tracking with client-side verification

Operational simplicity and efficiency

Deploying Dynamic Ad Insertion uses existing infrastructures and workflows to ensure minimal disruption for you and your viewers, and offers several key efficiencies:

  • Minimal operational changes are needed to your existing video workflow and content delivery infrastructure with SCTE-35 support and Akamai integration
  • Gain operational efficiencies from Ad Manager UI with robust debugging tools, livestream monitoring, and mitigation support
  • World-class global service for technical consultation and 24/7 support

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